Starting Your Healthy, Clean Living Adventure

Starting Your Healthy, Clean Living Adventure 1 -
Starting Your Healthy, Clean Living Adventure 1 -

Starting Your Healthy, Clean Living Adventure

Hey friend! So you’re interested in transitioning to a clean living lifestyle? I’m so excited for you! This is going to be an amazing adventure. Clean living is all about making choices to support better health while avoiding potentially unhealthy things. It covers what you eat, how active you are, reducing stress, and creating an environment to thrive in. Basically – being the healthiest, happiest version of yourself!

I want to walk with you on this journey. Let’s chat about the basics so you can make this lifestyle shift. I’ll share my top tips for getting started: good nutrition, fitness ideas, boosting mental health, cutting toxins, eco-friendly living, and staying motivated. Grab a green smoothie and let’s get started, friend!

Getting Clear on Clean Living

Starting Your Healthy, Clean Living Adventure 2 -
Starting Your Healthy, Clean Living Adventure 2 –

I get asked all the time – what exactly IS clean living? Great question. It’s definitely broader than just choosing healthy foods. Clean living is a whole lifestyle shift towards overall wellness and balance.

For me, the core pillars are:

  • Eating nutritious, unprocessed whole foods
  • Having consistent physical activity, I enjoy
  • Caring for my mental and emotional health
  • Reducing toxins from products, air, water
  • Making sustainable, earth-friendly choices

When all those areas are balanced and nurtured, I feel like I thrive in a clean lifestyle. I have tons more energy, less illness and disease risk, better skin, and sleep – and I’m much happier!

5 Simple Steps to Get Going

Transitioning can feel daunting at first. But take it step-by-step, and before you know it, clean living will be second nature. Here are tips to get you off to a smooth start:

  1. Review your current habits. Make a list of your normal food choices, activity levels, and self-care routines. No judgment, just awareness!
  2. Set 1-3 starter goals. Don’t overhaul everything at once. Small, consistent change is key. Some ideas: eat 2 veggies/day, walk 30 mins 3x/week, journal my feelings 2x/week.
  3. Incorporate more whole foods. Swap chips for nuts, soda for fruit-infused water, and candy for Greek yogurt with berries. Take it slow.
  4. Hydrate! Set a goal like finishing 64 oz of water daily. Infuse it with citrus fruits or cucumber. Proper hydration is SO helpful for health and detox.
  5. Join a community. Connecting with like-minded friends keeps you motivated. Share recipes, struggles, and wins along your clean living path together.

The Scoop on Clean Eating

Starting Your Healthy, Clean Living Adventure 3 -
Starting Your Healthy, Clean Living Adventure 3 –

Alright, it was no more delaying. Let’s chat about nutrition! This is ground zero of clean living. When it comes to food, the less processed, the better. Whole, natural, locally-grown ingredients provide maximum nutrients for your precious body.

My fave healthy eats are:

  • Lots of organic vegetables and fruits
  • Ancient grains like quinoa, buckwheat, oats
  • Legumes including lentils, chickpeas, black beans
  • Healthy fats from avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil
  • Clean dairy like Greek yogurt and cottage cheese

See how there’s NO mention of pizza, soda, fast food, or sweets? Not that you can never have treats, but whole foods provide long-lasting energy and health benefits.

4 Tips for Clean Eating Success

Transitioning your diet can definitely be challenging. Little things make a BIG difference. Try these ideas:

  1. Read nutrition labels. Get familiar with guidelines for calories, fat, carbs, protein, and vitamins per serving.
  2. Meal plan weekly. Planning healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks prevents last-minute fast food stops.
  3. Right-size portions. Use smaller plates and bowls so that portions look bigger and satisfying.
  4. Limit processed snacks. Chips, cookies, and candy often have unhealthy fats and tons of sugar or salt. Everything in moderation!

Let’s Get Moving! Physical Activity Tips

Alright friend, enough food chat – time to get active! Regular exercise is crucial for clean living. It keeps you healthy, reduces disease risk, and hugely impacts mental health. Plus it energizes you and helps combat stress.

I know getting started can be intimidating. Here’s how I built a sustainable routine:

  1. Find activities I enjoy. I love walking outside, trying workout videos at home, and taking yoga classes with friends to socialize, too.
  2. Set mini goals. Example: Walk 15 minutes after dinner 3 nights this week. Small steps! Then, I increase distance, frequency, and difficulty.
  3. Mix it up. If you stick to the same routine, it’s easy to get bored. I alternate strength training, cardio dance videos, and pilates.
  4. Listen when your body talks. Rest days are critical, too. Stretch on off days or try gentler Yin yoga.

The key is finding a movement you like and slowly improving. Celebrate small wins! Even ten squats while brushing your teeth helps.

Balancing Your Mental Health

We’ve covered good food and fitness. But caring for your mind and spirit is essential, too, on this clean living path. When we get overwhelmed and drained mentally, it’s so much harder to stay motivated to meal prep or workout.

My main mental health allies are:

  • Daily meditation to reduce stress, improve focus
  • 7-8 hours sleep nightly for mind and body recovery
  • Regular social outings for emotional support and fun
  • Massages and baths when I need extra self-care

Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional support if you feel overwhelmed, stagnant, or motivated. There’s no shame in needing help – that’s why therapists exist!

4 Ways I Protect My Mental Health

Little daily tools to maintain mental wellness help me so much. Things like:

  1. 5 minute desk meditations when work gets stressful
  2. Putting the phone away 1 hour before bed to wind down technology
  3. Morning green smoothies packed with nutrition to prevent mid-day energy slumps
  4. Weekly oatmeal date with my sister for venting, laughter, and quality bonding

Find what nourishes YOUR spirit. Remember mental self-care is mandatory, not a luxury!

Clearing the Toxins!

Another key piece of clean living is reducing the environmental nasties we touch and breathe daily. Toxins like cleaning chemicals, pollution, mold, and dust can wreak quite havoc on our health if we don’t minimize exposure.

My main toxin-busters at home are:

  • Natural cleaners with essential oils, vinegar, baking soda
  • Houseplants to filter airborne chemicals
  • Opening windows regularly for fresh outdoor air
  • Water filter to remove lead and chlorine

It’s about slowly swapping out toxic products as I can. Every little bit helps!

4 Ways I Cut Down on Toxins

Trying to overhaul everything at once can get expensive and frustrating. I just picked 1-2 small upgrades at a time.

  1. Replaced plastic food containers with glass meal prep bowls
  2. Switched shampoos/lotions to natural brands without phthalates and sulfates
  3. Take shoes off at home to avoid tracking in pollutants and chemicals
  4. Added extra houseplants to purify indoor air further

Just tackle what you can, when you can! It all makes a difference over time.

Moving Towards Sustainable Living

We’re almost at the end of our clean living chat! One final area I encourage focusing on is environmental sustainability. Our purchases and habits either harm or nurture this planet that sustains us. So, being eco-conscious saves money plus helps future generations.

My main sustainability practices are:

  • Composting food scraps for rich fertilizer
  • Using public transit to reduce emissions
  • Supporting green companies via purchases
  • Line drying clothes instead of machine drying

Every new sustainable change feels exciting – saving money, supporting the local economy, and preserving nature. It’s a win-win!

4 Easy Green Changes You Can Adopt

You don’t have to live off-grid in the woods to be sustainable suddenly. Little upgrades make a measurable difference! Changes like:

  1. Shorter showers to conserve water and heating costs
  2. LED lightbulbs use 80% less energy than standard bulbs
  3. Reusable water bottle/coffee mug prevents countless single-use cups from landfills
  4. Buying used clothing saves tons of water, energy, and waste from manufacturing

See, going green isn’t so intimidating! Each new habit shrinks our environmental footprint.

Staying Motivated for the Long Haul

Phew, we covered a lot of ground! By now you’ve got a solid grasp of clean living basics – the whys, the hows, and everything in between. But talk is one thing and walking the walk is another. Maintaining this lifestyle adjustment takes commitment and self-compassion.

On days I struggle to stay the course, these things help:

  • Reviewing my progress journal reminds me how far I’ve come!
  • Texting my eco-minded sister for hearty encouragement
  • Celebrating ANY positive choice amid a challenging day
  • Extending myself kindness when I slip up now and then

Change is a journey full of ups and downs. Focus on progress over perfection. And reach out whenever you need a pep talk!

4 Tips to Stay Inspired

My last bit of brotherly advice before we part ways: small tools to spark motivation on the hard days. Ideas like:

  1. Inspirational quotes on my fridge for quick reminders of what I’m aiming for
  2. Drinking warm lemon water first thing to kickstart digestion and energy
  3. Following minimalist home organizers on Instagram for decluttering inspiration
  4. Putting a cute plant on my desk to literally help clear the office air and my head

Surround yourself with little clean living cues to nudge you forward bit by bit. You’ve so got this, my friend!

Well, we’ve covered a LOT of ground on your clean living launch. Hopefully, you feel pumped and prepared to dive in with both feet! Remember, create realistic goals then revisit them every 30 days to add new ones. This is a special journey, not some torturous chore. Have fun discovering all the joys – mental, physical, and spiritual – that blossom from clean living. Now go get some fresh air and soak up that vitamin D!

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